Let’s feed birds!

Schemes of bird feeders and receipes of birdseed

cut out with a saw and fill

Ten Minutes Dessertbook

kabulari-receipes of pies and cakes

knead the dough and bake


Watering of flowers based on Arduino Mega

develope and water

Ensemble Music Performance

A duet of two grand pianos, a piano four hands, a violin, an alt (mmmm, what an alt!) And singing to the accompaniment of a grand piano. One and a […]

Apple marshmallow and its lavender-berry variations

Apple marshmallow is the best dessert of all existing, don’t even argue. I always prefer a snow-white cloud to a decent piece of sponge cake and even oat cookers. At first time I encountered this dessert in my kitchen many years ago […]

Helsinki in April

— For a long time we haven’t been to Helsinki. — Go? Leaving the umbrellas, laptops and thermos in the bag, we went on a spring break to the capital of Finland.

Oat cookies

This recipe has been at least ten years old and over the years we have tried a cloud of variations: with and without raisins, with high-grade flour and with peeled, […]