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Helsinki in April

— For a long time we haven’t been to Helsinki.
— Go?

Leaving the umbrellas, laptops and thermos in the bag, we went on a spring break to the capital of Finland.

The capital met us with rain, snow and Petteri, snatched up travelers on the road to orient in the parking slot and in the apartment. The apartment was a cozy flat, furnished in Scandinavian style: a minimum of furniture and contrast accents on a white background.

We were impressed by objects from pallets painted in white –

never had to see this decorating alive – but it was already the next day: after 15 hours spent on the Moscow-Helsinki route, we collapsed on the bed without hind legs.

The second thing we did the next day, after photographing the pallets – all bought an annual subscription to Heureca, especially since the rain gave way to a fog thick as milk. The cost of the subscription is 2.1 visits, and we had planned four business meetings with Atsamaz for the holidays, so the subscriptions quickly paid off.

Heureca, Хельсинки

маятник Фуко в Heureca

After 10 minutes children will begin a chemistry lesson: they will mix citric acid with soda. In English, but everyone liked it, especially George.

A new exhibit demonstrating the principle of sail management. Hoop-wheel, blown by a strong airflow, the diameter of which with minimal friction is moving a small model of a sailing yacht. The hoop rotates 360° in any direction, so the working angles for the advance of the yacht forward – the care of the visitor.

Heureca is definitely prettier.

By the evening of the same day, the weather changed its mind to the joy of all those walking around Arabia,

Helsinki, Arabia

out of habit, bursting into scarves and hats and looking with amazement at the biker postman in a T-shirt, then on an eight-year-old with jumping clothes dressed in a dress, then the house manager arranging flower pots on the street. It seems they know about the spring more than we.

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