Sveta’s Wishlist

Some items on this list will seem strange, unfamiliar, or of questionable value to you. Believe me, I will be very happy with all this and if you want, I’ll tell you, I’ll show it and give it a try. Some items are supplied with pictures and links to the manufacturer or the store solely for clarity.


I will be sincerely glad to see anything from this list, despite the fact that it is something that can not be held in hands or beautifully packaged. In fact it doesn’t matter.

  • Fonts with a business license.
  • E-books of business content or fiction, which I must certainly read, in Russian and English. A certificate is welcome.
  • Hosting (we’ll discuss the details later).
  • Musical footages.
  • Sets of infographics with a commercial license, cooperation with an interesting illustrator.
  • Patterns.
  • Fundamental plug-ins for Photoshop (details please specify).
  • And – what of it! – as a whole a subscription on a photostock/digital market.
  • Notes for piano: I will never give up the Viennese classics (from a hard copy, however, also I will refuse), Russian classical music of the 19th and 20th centuries, and modern new age.
  • Music albums, which I must listen to.
  • Fitness mixes.
  • Off-line courses and masterclasses, author’s classes devoted to confectionery. I know a lot in this field, but I don’t know more, so I’ll be glad to learn something new or improve my current level. Pay attention to this school.

Live Books

  • Photo albums with works of interesting, in your opinion, photographers, artists, illustrators.
  • Books on typography, in Russian and English.
  • Books on the physics of photography, in Russian and English.
  • Books on physics and chemistry of confectionery in Russian, French or English.
  • Books of non-Russian publishing houses, dedicated to any embroidery and stained-glass windows in the Tiffany technique.
  • Notes: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Grieg, Khachaturian, Scriabin. Or to your choice.


  • You can gift me a bayonet (I’ll specify the model) and a lens (also specify).
  • Tripod: can be lightweight, but definitely sturdy, the head is removable.
  • Crane
  • Gel filters

  • Here is my dream: Lensball, 80 mm

  • Interesting flat textured pieces: sawed wood, old boards.
  • A roll of a photophone of neutral colors. Or two.
  • Monitor calibrator..

  • Roll of f-diffusor on 1, 1.5 and 2 stops, two meters.

  • A small reflector, up to 50 cm (I have a large one).
  • Time in the big photo studio.


I adore the pastry. Bake bread and pies, I love to compile cakes and make desserts, I can spend hours talking about cocoa butter and gloss. So that nothing distracts me from this direction, I even became a vegetarian. Therefore, any subject from this section will be very happy not only me, but also my guests. Consider this a hint.

  • Wooden rollers for biscuits. For example, moose, they are also very good:

  • Forms for making modern desserts and cakes SilikoMart or Pavoni. Can you see how tenderly I embrace my Eclipse? This is not accidental.

    Now I’m keen on small forms, so I’ll be especially glad to Moldovan cakes. For example:

    And a few more links to simplify the search:
    BÛCHE 250x90x70 мм
    Stencil VIENNA
    Stencil WOOD

  • Steel cuttings (cutters, molds – they are sold under different names) for cookies in the form of letters of Latin and Cyrillic.
  • Ceramic forms for baking.
  • Baking stone:

  • Lattice to cool the baking:
  • Waffle iron, my straight dream:

  • A spray gun, here’s this:
  • Jewelery scales, operating with tenths and hundredths of a gram.
  • Steel cutters, 6 pieces, 8-9 cm in diameter, they are so small, because for pastries:
  • Small confectionery burner


  • Wireless player-headphones.
  • CrossCore. TRX I already have.
  • Bosu:
  • Small seat/outside bag for a bicycle.
  • Carpet for yoga, here’s this:

  • A sports bottle for water (not necessarily a shaker): they are constantly lost, break down or begin to leak (my just leaked, so it’s uninhabitable). The volume of 600 ml is ideal.
  • Massage carpet and/or pillow::


  • Gel pens, drawing pads, acrylic colors of non-pigmented colors (usually sold in separate jars or tubes), paint markers.
  • Cardreader

Handmade items

  • Coiler.
  • Embroidery needles of the different numbers.
  • Handmade with soul (Ira, I’m waiting for my green mittens!).
  • Round wooden hoop.
  • Trips

    • Cobb Premier

    Please Don’t Gift

    • Cutted flowers.
    • Products made of genuine leather, fur, feathers and that there still happens.
    • Stationery.
    • Stuffed toys.
    • Алкоголь.
    • Food, especially sweets.
    • Jewelry.
    • Clothes and footwear.
    • Manual drying for greenery and electric sausage cutter.
    • Sausage.
    • Handmade in the bad sense of the word.
    • Cool mugs, cool notebooks, cool aprons and etc.: I usually don’t have enough sence of humor to appreciate these jokes.