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Apple marshmallow and its lavender-berry variations

apple marshmallow

Apple marshmallow is the best dessert of all existing, don’t even argue. I always prefer a snow-white cloud to a decent piece of sponge cake and even oat cookers.

At first time I encountered this dessert in my kitchen many years ago when I was experimenting with apple sauce and additives. Why was egg white on my hand that day? Don’t ask me. Then I still didn’t know anything about agar, the receipe proportions were far from perfect, but the transformation in a matter of minutes of the brown ordinary-looking mass into a marshmallow struck once and forever.

My first marshmallow broke and had to scrape it off with a spoon. It was delicious, but now I make it differently.

Apple Marshmallow

Could I make marshmallows using a hand mixer? Of course.

Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes

Apple base

  • 250 g very thick applesauce — about 400 g of fresh sour apples
  • 40 g chicken protein — yeah, grams!


  • 600 g sugar
  • 140 g water
  • 8 g agar

Apple base

  1. Cut the apples into halves, remove the bones and bake the fruits in the oven or microwave until soft.

  2. Remove the apple pulp in a colander. Place it on the bowl and send the whole tower to  the refrigerator overnight. So you remove the excess moisture from the mash.

  3. Next morning drain the released liquid and wipe the puree with a spoon through a colander. Cool the applesauce well or even freeze.

  4. Beat cold applesauce with chicken proteins to hard peaks. If you have frozen mashed potatoes, use it directly from the freezer.


  1. Mix all the ingredients for the syrup in a skillet and put on maximum heat. Wait for the boil and reduce the heating temperature by a quarter. Boil the syrup until the moment when it begins to drain from the spatula with a tablecloth, forming thin caramel threads. This corresponds to a temperature of 110 °C.

    Once I digested the syrup which started the sugar crystallization process. As a physicist I was interested, but the confectioner in my face had to digest the syrup. Therefore be cautious and stock up with a thermometer before you can gain eye.

  2. Beat a little puree and, without stopping the beating, add a thin stream of syrup. Do it in several stages: added — whipped, added — whipped.

  3. After the syrup is over, beat the marshmallow for about 5 minutes until hard peaks.

  4. Once the mass has stabilized, transfer it to a pastry bag with the selected nozzle. Work vigorously: the stabilization temperature of agar is 40 °C. Sow the marshmallow on a bakery paper and leave to dry at room temperature for a day.

  5. To make beautiful volumetric marshmallows, make a couple of turns of marshmallow mass, layering the turns on each other and cut off the mass with a movement parallel to the last turn. Use a large confectionery nozzles, for example, an open star or a star with scrolling.

  6. As soon as the marshmallow dries, sprinkle it with sifted icing sugar, and then glue the marshmallow in pairs, rolling off the finished dessert in the powder and shaking off the excess.


  • Lavender or mint marshmallow is prepared according to the apple principle, but instead of water, a decoction of herbs is added: a tablespoon of mint or lavender should be poured with a glass of boiling water, left for 24 hours, and drained. Broth is colorless, but fragrant.
  • Lemon, orange and lime marshmallows are made like apple marshmallows: just add fruit’s zest at the very end.
  • Passion fruit and any other berry marshmallow is prepared according to the basic recipe with the replacement of 50 g of applesauce on the berry one.

    berry marshmellow

    It means that you need to combine 200 g of apple sauce, 50 g of berry puree, and 40 g of chicken protein.

  • Use frozen passion fruit puree, not fresh.
  • If you prepare a fruit puree in advance, pack it in portions and freeze. In this case making marshmallow doesn’t seem tedious.
  • Natural marshmallows are always either white or pink. Marshmallow of other colors means that a dye was used in its production.
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    Apple marshmallow and its lavender-berry variations

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